Crowdfunding campaign for solar power plant in Somalia

The Prof Adow school in Galkayo has so far graduated more than 1000 students in trades such as bricklaying, electricity, plumbing and cooking. More than 90% of graduates have jobs or are self-employed within their trades. We also got a long way on equality: in 2019 a total of 42% of students were female.  

The school is being explanded the school to include new educations, increase the total capacity of students and add a 3 year qualified craftsman education.

As part of the expansion a big solar power system on the roofs of the school will be installed. This will supply the schools' workshops, classrooms and administration with electricity from sustainable, renewable energy sources. The installation and maintenance of the system will be done by students from the new education: “Renewable Energy Technician (sun, wind, bio)”.

A crowdfunding campaign will raise funds in order to ensure
  • that the school has sufficient electricity for its classrooms, workshops and administration
  • that the electricity is produced in a sustainable, environmental friendly way
  • that the students will get real-life experience with installation and maintenance of advanced solar power systems
  • that the operational costs for the school will be significantly reduced

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