The cornerstone of the community

We strive for our TVET + Centres to be more than just a place where you can receive high quality vocational education. We would like the TVET + Centre to be the cornerstone of the community, a place where long lasting friendships are made, and members of the community can engage.


The TVET + Centre will also be a recreational ground where families can gather to celebrate important milestones, Eid – or just enjoy the safe, green and peaceful surroundings. Together making plans for the future.

The Sports Playground at the TVET + Centre will allow young people to battle out their troubles, sorrows or happiness on the sports field. The positive connection between sports and post trauma stress or mental healing is scientifically documented. The TVET + Centre is aiming for the Sport Playground to be significantly utilised and becoming the safe place for youth to meet and play.

We cannot wait to welcome you to our TVET + Centre


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