The Programme

The TVET+ programme is funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through KfW Development Bank and implemented by Yme Foundation and GSA in close partnership with the Somali Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA). The TVET+ programme aims at creating a network of TVET+ service hubs. Phase one runs from 2021 to 2026 and focuses on Somalia where we setup the three first TVET+ hubs.

"A TVET+ service hub is a vocational training centre that integrates services for businesses and startups, in order to facilitate and promote quality and sustainable growth.

The core of the network is the existing NGO-managed Professor Adow training centre in Galkayo, which will be expanded into a full TVET+ service hub during 2022. In addition, the model will be copied to further sites in a step-by step approach. Within this project period, Jowhar (2023) and Baidoa (2024) are targeted for the expansion of the TVET+ service hubs network.

As a TVET+ service hub Prof Adow will expand its curricula offer to one-year (modular) courses in all trades and also start 3-year dual apprenticeship schemes. In addition to technical training, the hubs will offer
  • ABE/foundational skills and life skills as per need,
  • Entrepreneurship training,
  • A business incubator for startups and local businesses,
  • Socio-cultural activities

The hubs are well embedded in the local community and have close relationships and exchange with the business community. A key element of the concept is to develop a unique business model for the hubs that allow generating income, yet without crowding out the private sector.



To be a central player in  creating sustainable and productive employment and decent work for all, through improving skills and work for life

To train youth so they can find adequate employment and generate (higher) income - and assist local businesses using the TVET+ educational centers and business hubs’ services.



  • Inclusion (to include youth of all backgrounds)
  • Innovation (to continuously think and act in new ways)
  • Gender Equality (to educate en equal amount of men and women)
  • Future Proof (to teach by tomorrow’s requirements)
  • Impartiality (to not be tied up to politics or religion)
  • Sustainability (to include UNs sustainability goals where applicable)
  • Results that matter  (to work with measureable/countable results such as for example '1000 students in jobs by 2021', 'produce 500 kWh of clean power pr year',  supply 2000 cubic metre of clean water')


  • TVET+ Programme start-up

  • Crowdfund 1st solar projects in Galkayo

  • Prof. Adow center in Galkayo is upgraded to full TVET+ Service Hub

  • Opening of Prof. Adow TVET+ Service Hub in Jowhar

  • Opening of Prof. Adow TVET+ Service Hub in Baidoa



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