Partnership on diaspora-based crowdfunding and donation

TVET+ has entered into a strategic partnership with norwegian-based company Green Currency, to develop the "Stakeholder Investors Platform" (SIP) in order to attract donations and investments for projects related to Renewable Energy Production, sustainability and business startups.

The main focus is on creating and expanding collaboration with the international diaspora environment, in order to increase investment of knowledge and funds, for projects, businesses and startups in the TVET+ business hubs.

The first planned projects are
  • A solar power project at Prof Adow which will supply the school and workshops with electricity - as well as sell excess power to the neighbouring hospital.
  • A solar power system to run a pumping station at a new well in Galkayo. The well will support the school + community with dual water sources (drinking water + usage water)

More information about Green Currency can be found at:


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